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Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing is about doing everyday business in a way that leads to an improvement in staff wellbeing - 'a state of contentment which allows a staff member to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation'. A workplace wellbeing programme supports the development of a healthy working environment to encourage improvements in staff wellbeing.



WorkWell has been supporting workplaces to 'work better through wellbeing' since 2010.  The workplace wellbeing programme has been a welcomed initiative in many workplaces.

WorkWell provides a framework that supports workplaces to develop and implement an effective and sustainable workplace wellbeing programme.  It is based on best practice and guides workplaces through a step-by-step process.

WorkWell accreditation recognises workplaces achievements towards creating a healthy workplace.  WorkWell accreditation provides quality assurance that all the components of a successful workplace wellbeing programme are in place.


A Healthy Workplace

  • focuses on the health and wellbeing of its staff
  • values staff and promotes trust between people
  • encourages collaboration and constructive relationships to achieve shared objectives
  • enables effective and open multi-level communication channels
  • encourages and supports change and innovation and fosters creativity
  • promotes continuous learning
  • recognises and adapts to changing work-life commitments
  • is culturally aware, supportive of, and responsive to the diversity of the workforce
  • ensures the healthy choice is the easy choice by supporting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


WorkWell Availability

WorkWell is available in various regions throughout New Zealand and is part of a national approach to workplace wellbeing.  WorkWell has been developed by Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service (Toi Te Ora) who have been recognised by the Ministry of Health as leaders in workplace wellbeing. Toi Te Ora offers comprehensive training and ongoing mentoring to other Public Health Units to enable them to deliver WorkWell in their region.  As a result, there are now many trained WorkWell advisors right across New Zealand.


WorkWell advisor

How WorkWell Works

Once your workplace registers with WorkWell you will be assigned a WorkWell advisor. WorkWell advisors are trained to support workplaces to implement WorkWell, and succeed in becoming a healthy and productive place to work.

Our comprehensive step by step guide Implementing WorkWell will also guide you through the process.

WorkWell Support

By joining WorkWell you connect with a community of like-minded workplaces supporting the health and wellbeing of their staff through WorkWell.  To enable you to network with other WorkWell workplaces, regular workshops are offered, while your WorkWell advisor is available to mentor and support you along the way.  Follow success stories and case studies online and be sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the latest tips and advice on workplace wellbeing.

WorkWell Support Includes:

  • one on one professional advice and mentoring
  • easy to use resources
  • access to regular networking opportunities and interactive workshops
  • access to the WorkWell website which includes online resources and tools
  • recognition for your efforts towards creating a sustainable healthy workplace through the WorkWell Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation system.


WorkWell Stages and Steps

The Multi-Level Approach

WorkWell Steps Diagram

WorkWell Multi level approach

WorkWell uses a continuous improvement cycle to guide a workplace to develop a sustainable wellbeing programme.  We refer to this as the five WorkWell stages.

The tasks included within each stage are further broken down into steps.


Workplaces are complex organisations. To ensure all aspects of your workplace are considered, WorkWell uses a multi-level approach.  Your WorkWell Advisor will guide you through using the Multi-Level Approach promoting workplaces to consider staff wellbeing across three levels – organisational, environmental and individual.
The WorkWell approach is evidence-based and is strongly modelled on the World Health Organization's Healthy Workplaces model.



Page updated 29 Jan 2019