How will a workplace wellbeing programme benefit your workplace?

An average adult will spend approximately 50% of their waking hours at work. There is a measurable link between a staff member's wellbeing and how productive they are during this time.

Many factors within the workplace can impact on staff wellbeing, which makes the workplace an ideal environment for addressing health and wellbeing and promoting healthy habits. Doing so can have significant benefits for both staff and employers.

Benefits for staff:
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Decreased risk of injury or illness
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased ability to balance work and family life.
Benefits for employers:
  • Reduced absenteeism costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff morale and increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of workplace injuries
  • Increased resilience (ability to persevere when under pressure and recover from setbacks)
  • Demonstrate that the business cares about its employees.


What are the benefits of becoming a WorkWell member?

If your workplace is located within the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts then you can register to become a WorkWell Member.

WorkWell Member Benefits
  • Professional support and advice from a WorkWell Advisor
  • Introductory presentations for key stakeholders such as Board of Directors, management, employees and unions
  • Access to online resources including surveys, case studies, guidelines and templates
  • Workshops and networking opportunities
  • Receive recognition for your efforts by becoming a WorkWell accredited workplace



Page updated 01 Nov 2016
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