What is WorkWell?

WorkWell is a workplace wellbeing programme that aims to increase productivity by improving the wellbeing of employees (and indirectly their families/whānau).  WorkWell is a Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service initiative and is available free for workplaces in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts.  WorkWell provides a framework that supports workplaces to develop and implement an effective and sustainable wellbeing programme for their employees.  It is based on best practice and encourages organisations to follow a step-by-step process in order to enable continuous improvement in employee wellbeing.


WorkWell promotes a multi-level approach, prompting workplaces to consider employee wellbeing across three levels:

  • Organisational - ensuring that the workplace's policies, procedures, formal and informal rules support and encourage employee wellbeing.
  • Environmental - addressing factors in the physical work environment that could either hinder or facilitate employee wellbeing.
  • Individual - providing opportunities that support and encourage employees to increase their knowledge, behaviours and beliefs or attitudes around wellbeing.

The WorkWell approach is evidence-based and is strongly modeled on the World Health Organization's Healthy Workplaces model.


What is workplace wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing is about doing everyday business in a way that leads to an improvement in employee wellbeing - 'a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation'. A workplace wellbeing programme supports the development of a healthy working environment to encourage improvements in employee wellbeing.


A healthy working environment:

  • Is centred on the health and wellbeing of all staff members
  • Values staff and promotes trust between people
  • Encourages collaboration and constructive relationships to achieve shared objectives
  • Enables effective and open multi-level communication channels
  • Encourages and supports change and innovation and fosters creativity
  • Promotes continuous learning
  • Recognises and adapts to changing work-life commitments
  • Is culturally aware, supportive of, and responsive to, the diversity of the workforce
  • Ensures the healthy choice is the easy choice by supporting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle


Page updated 24 Apr 2017
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