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WorkWell is a free workplace wellbeing initiative  that  provides a step by step process to help your workplace develop and implement a workplace wellbeing programme to improve the health and wellbeing of staff.

There is a link between a person’s health and lifestyle and how productive they are at work.

How will WorkWell benefit my workplace?

  • Reduced absenteeism costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff morale and increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of workplace injuries
  • Increased resilience (ability to persevere when under pressure and recover from setbacks)
  • Demonstrate that your workplace cares about its staff
  • Improved corporate image 

How will WorkWell benefit staff?

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Decreased risk of injury or illness
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased ability to balance work and family life

WorkWell is free and once registered you will receive:

•    Free professional support and advice from a WorkWell advisor
•    Free self help resources and online tools
•    Free training workshops and networking opportunities
•    Regular communication updates.

The two potential costs associated with WorkWell are….

•    Staffing - For the programme to succeed, staff who are involved in leading the implementation of the programme will need to be allocated some staff time to coordinate and implement the internal programme
•    Activities - Our priority wellbeing area toolkits provide suggestions for free and low cost activities that can make an impact on workplace wellbeing. Your workplace may choose to incorporate some activities into their action and evaluation plan that have associated costs. This is not a requirement and will be dependent on whether your workplace has a budget to support these activities.


Time requirements vary between workplaces and are dependent on how quickly your workplace wishes to progress through the accreditation process, and on what systems and processes you already have in place.  On average, a WorkWell leader will spend approximately 1-2 hours per week on WorkWell related tasks, depending on the size and needs of their workplace.

Each workplace will need to identify a person to be the key contact between your workplace and the WorkWell advisor. We refer to this person as the WorkWell Leader. The WorkWell Leader will be supported by a representative group of staff that form a working group. We refer to this as the WorkWell Group. With support from management and your WorkWell advisor, the WorkWell Leader and  WorkWell Group will be responsible for implementing WorkWell in your workplace.

Implementing WorkWell is a clear, comprehensive guide, which provides all information required to establish a successful workplace wellbeing programme.  In addition, in all regions that offer WorkWell there are trained WorkWell advisors available to provide professional advisory support for the WorkWell Leader and Group.

Applying is easy:

  1. Review the WorkWell Accreditation criteria
  2. Build your portfolio of evidence - this is the documentation required to meet the WorkWell standard criteria
  3. When your portfolio is ready for assessment, complete the submission form and send all required information to your local WorkWell advisor
  4. We will check to make sure the documentation is complete and arrange a site visit with your WorkWell Group to verify your portfolio achievements
  5. When each accreditation criteria has been met, your organisation will receive your WorkWell certificate and receive rights to use the WorkWell accreditation brand (with terms and conditions of use).

Commitment from senior management to actively support the development and activities of the WorkWell Group is essential. Management should be dedicated to making your workplace as healthy as possible for staff. Staff participation in initiatives will increase when management visibly supports and participates in the programme.

All workplaces can use the WorkWell website and resources to develop a healthy working environment, however to become WorkWell accredited, workplaces must be located within a region that offers WorkWell and be supported by a trained WorkWell advisor.

There are a couple of options that should be discussed with a WorkWell advisor.  All the sites can benefit from implementing WorkWell, however only those that operate in a supported region can receive WorkWell accreditation.

WorkWell, including WorkWell accreditation, is only available in regions with trained WorkWell advisors.  If you are outside these areas, you are welcome to use the online resources and register to receive newsletters.  If you are unsure if your workplace is in an area that can receive support or accreditation please contact a WorkWell advisor via WorkWell website or 0800 221 555.

To sign up your workplace now, you can:

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