What is WorkWell accreditation?

WorkWell accreditation provides quality assurance for your workplace and community that a sustainable health promoting environment is created and fostered.

Throughout your WorkWell journey we will recognise your workplace’s progress with three standards of achievement. Each standard requires your workplace to work towards set criteria and to submit a portfolio of evidence once the criteria have been met.

The evidence is assessed and a site visit completed before the standard is awarded. The three WorkWell standards of accreditation are Bronze, Silver and Gold. 


Why have three different standards of achievement?

To establish a sustainable and effective workplace wellbeing programme takes time, which is why it helps to break the process up into manageable steps.

A workplace that has achieved Bronze has demonstrated commitment to workplace wellbeing and has built the foundations necessary for an effective programme.

Silver accreditation shows that a workplace is maintaining and strengthening its activities and starting to integrate wellbeing into business as usual.

When a WorkWell member achieves Gold standard accreditation they have a comprehensive and sustainable workplace wellbeing programme that values the health and wellbeing of its employees.

We look forward to helping all current and future WorkWell members achieve Gold standard accreditation.

Page updated 11 Jul 2016
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